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About me

My belief is that we can all paint and draw and it is never too late to learn. 


I was inspired by artists in my family, my father, aunts and uncles and also my distant relatives.

I grew up in a small village in Hertfordshire and have since spent most of my adult life living and working in the West Country: Dorset, South Devon, Bristol and since 2006 Glastonbury. I love the countryside and the coast.

Professional studies in art

I completed my Foundation Course in Art and Design in Hertfordshire in 1979 and then in 1980 continued to study at Leicester. In 1983 I was awarded a BA (Hons) degree in Graphic Design, with a specialism in Book illustration.                 


Art and mind

Whilst undertaking my degree my additional studies included psychology and the therapeutic benefits of art, which remains an interest of mine.


Teaching art

Wishing to help others develop their artistic skills I trained to be a teacher.

I have taught art to adults of varying ability levels privately, within health and social care settings and within adult education in the UK and Australia. 



Being an artist

As a child I always enjoyed painting and drawing, this interest was nurtured by my mother, father and other relatives. Painting and drawing became a favourite pastime, later a profession and has always been part of my life.


I paint for pleasure and occasionally exhibit in Somerset.


Debbie is a very kind and genuine person who really wants people to succeed in their life. Debbie is always willing to help and is very understanding. The way she teaches is brilliant and anybody who does a course with Debbie will enjoy it and succeed". 

Helping you to unlock your creativity 

I offer acrylic painting workshops.

and watercolour painting workshops

"Art can offer many things; we can develop skills, produce beautiful items, communicate what is important to us, our innermost thoughts, ideas and aspirations. We can enjoy the creative journey, the process of self discovery  and so much more."