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Workshop terms & conditions

By signing up for a workshop you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1 - Bookings are non-refundable unless a workshop is cancelled due to insufficient enrolments. Please note that if you are unable to attend am happy for you to nominate someone to attend in your place, please do let me know.

2 - I can not take responsibility for any damage to clothing or possessions by materials used in workshops. You are advised to wear an apron and suitable clothing.

3 - If you are attending an art workshop you may find that your work is still slightly wet when you take it home, so please take care to protect your clothing and possessions.

4 - I ask that everyone helps to create a safe working environment. Please ensure that bags etc are neatly tucked away, that coats are hung up or placed away from working areas.

5 - Behaviour must be harmonious and respectful at all times.